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NoWhere Vans can help you with the scariest part of any D.I.Y van build.

Put down your phone and stop watching YouTube videos, because NoWhere Vans has taken the guesswork out of assembling and installing your van's electrical system.



Get your van powered up in a matter of hours, not days.

Packaged in a steel enclosure to fit around your wheel well, these drop-in boxes house the core components of an off-grid electrical system.

PowerHouse systems are built around Battleborn lithium batteries and a suite of Victron electronics. They're engineered to ABYC standards to ensure safe operation and years of reliability and include a Victron Cerbo system monitor with WiFi remote monitoring and touchscreen display.

Installation is as easy as bolting the PowerHouse pack in place, connecting your power sources, and wiring your optional branch circuits.


Now taking pre-orders

Initial availability is limited

PowerHouse Facts n' Figures

We took everything we knew about off-grid and found a way to fit it all into an over-the-wheel monster electrical system. NoWhere Vans' PowerHouse packs are filled with the best components on the market and built with care in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Let us help you live your best #vanlife.

Battery Capacity

PowerHouse packs offer the option for 300 or 500 Ah of battery capacity. This is equivalent to 3 or 5 Battle Born Lithium Batteries.

Solar & Alternator Charging

PowerHouse packs have the option of 500W/30A of Solar and 360W/30A Alternator charging or 700W/50A of Solar and 720W/60A Alternator charging.

Battery Charger

PowerHouse packs come with a 50A battery charger for 2000W inverter, and an 80A battery charger for the 3000W inverter option.


PowerHouse packs come with your choice of either a 2000W inverter or a more powerful 3000W option for your electrical system.

Our Build Partners
NoWhere Vans offers different pre-built PowerHouse packs.

These packages accommodate weekenders to full-time van dwellers.
Have questions about which pack is right for you? Send us a message.



System Voltage:  12V

Battery Capacity:  300Ah/3.6kWh

Inverter:  2000W

Battery Charger:  50A

Solar Charging:  500W/30A

Alternator Chargers: 360W/30A

MSRP  $12,469

Pre-order  $9,352



System Voltage:  12V

Battery Capacity:  500Ah/6kWh

Inverter:  2000W

Battery Charger:  50A

Solar Charging:  700W/50A

Alternator Chargers: 720W/60A

MSRP  $15,379

Pre-order $11,534



System Voltage:  12V

Battery Capacity:  500Ah/6kWh

Inverter:  3000W

Battery Charger:  80A

Solar Charging:  700W/50A

Alternator Chargers: 720W/60A

MSRP $16,499

Pre-order $12,374

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