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Electrical Made Easy

Professionally engineered drop in power systems, designed specifically for vans and adventure vehicles


Get your rig powered up in a matter of hours, not days.



System Voltage:  12V

Battery Capacity:  300Ah/3.6kWh

Inverter:  2000W

Battery Charger:  80A

Solar Charging:  500W/30A

Alternator Chargers: 360W/30A

MSRP  $12,469

  Sale $10,599



System Voltage:  12V

Battery Capacity:  500Ah/6kWh

Inverter:  2000W

Battery Charger:  80A

Solar Charging:  700W/50A

Alternator Chargers: 720W/60A

MSRP  $15,279

Sale $12,987



System Voltage:  12V

Battery Capacity:  500Ah/6kWh

Inverter:  3000W

Battery Charger:  120A

Solar Charging:  700W/50A

Alternator Chargers: 720W/60A

MSRP $16,399

Sale $13,939

Have questions about which pack is right for you? Send us a message.

Installation Options


Professional Installation

Professional Installation is available at our shop in Elkhorn, WI.  Basic installation is $1800. Get in touch to discuss options and lead time.


DIY Friendly

For those more adventurous, PowerHouse packs can be installed by the average DIYer. Installation resources coming soon. In the meantime, we'll walk you through it step by step.

Drop in over-wheelwell installation saves space and gets you up and running quickly.

PowerHouse systems are built around Battleborn lithium batteries and a suite of Victron electronics. They're engineered to ABYC standards to ensure safe operation and years of reliability and include a Victron Cerbo system monitor with WiFi remote monitoring and touchscreen display.

Installation is as easy as bolting the PowerHouse pack in place, connecting your power sources, and wiring up optional branch circuits.

PowerHouse Facts n' Figures

Battery Capacity

PowerHouse packs offer the option for 300 or 500 Ah of battery capacity. This is equivalent to 3 or 5 Battle Born Lithium Batteries.

Battery Charger

PowerHouse packs come with a 50A battery charger for 2000W inverter, and an 80A battery charger for the 3000W inverter option.

Solar & Alternator Charging

PowerHouse packs have the option of 500W/30A of Solar and 360W/30A Alternator charging or 700W/50A of Solar and 720W/60A Alternator charging.


PowerHouse packs come with your choice of either a 2000W inverter or a more powerful 3000W option for your electrical system.

Three Charging Methods

Solar Panels


Simply connect a solar array up to 700W and the integrated MPPT charge controller will handle the rest. Easily add an external charge controller for larger arrays up to 2000W.

Car Dashboard Directions


Recharge every time you drive, with 720W of built in smart DC-DC alternator charging.

Image by George Kroeker

Shore Power

A 30A shore power inlet allows for fast charging from a campground outlet. Use Victron's touchscreen interface to easily limit power draw when a 15A outlet is all that's available.

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