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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get a PowerHouse Pack installed?
  • For those who just want it done right by a professional, we’ve got you covered. We perform installations at our facility in Elkhorn, WI while you wait!

  • Basic installation in a van is $1800, and includes the following: Enclosure installation and mounting, install and wire 30A shore power inlet, run and connect alternator charging line, connect existing DC and AC circuits (wires must be run to PowerHouse location), install and wire two 175W solar panels on roof, remote mount cerbo screen, and set up customer with remote monitoring. All installation materials are included.

  • Additional installation services and increased solar capacity are available for additional cost.

  • We’re also actively looking for partners to become certified installers, so if you want to install PowerHouse packs at your own facility, let us know.


How much power do I need?
  • Ah, the biggest question when it comes to power systems! The easy answer is, it depends… and also, more is better. In general, the PH2000/3.6 is plenty of power for most applications that don’t include high loads such as air conditioning. If running air conditioning from batteries is part of your plan, we recommend one of the 6.0 kWh packs.


Can I install PowerHouse myself?
  • Yes! PowerHouse packs are pre-wired and designed to make installation simple. If you’re comfortable crimping wires and drilling holes, you can install your own fully off-grid system. Check out our installation resources for more info.


What vans does PowerHouse fit?
  • The PowerHouse pack is designed to fit around the wheelwell in both the 144 and 170 Sprinter 2500, and fits the Transit wheelwells as well. It is not specifically designed for the Promaster, but will fit if spaced up off the floor and out from the wall by several inches.


Can PowerHouse be installed in other vehicles?
  • Yes, PowerHouse isn’t just for vans. If your vehicle has enough physical space to fit the enclosure and the wiring connection points are accessible, you can install PowerHouse in any vehicle or even stationary application.


How much solar can I install?
  • Powerhouse includes an integrated charge controller that can take up to 700W of solar (or 500W for the 3.6kWh version), with a max panel input voltage of 100V. Just connect the panels directly to the included solar input breaker and ground stud. PS, if your panel array is over 700W/500W (but still under 100V), the system will still work, you’ll just be limited to a maximum of 700W/500W of charging into the batteries.

  • If that’s just not enough solar power, an additional external charge controller can be wired into the included high amperage DC connection.

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